Welcome to the Sexual Health Alliance

The Sexual Health Alliance is a collaborative group that promotes and supports healthy relationships and sexual behaviors in Linn and Johnson counties through community engagement.

The Sexual Health Alliance is committed to being a leader in creating a positive culture of sexual health and safety in our communities. By collaborating with organizations within Linn and Johnson counties, the SHA will be a reliable sexual health resource and will present a unified effort toward meeting the goals of our alliance as well as our community members.

We hit pause. At this time, we feel that it is best to suspend SHA general membership meetings for the foreseeable future while the Exec Team focuses on some important restructuring and reorganization.

History & Beliefs
Founded in December of 2010, the Sexual Health Alliance of Linn & Johnson Counties is comprised of community members, organizations, and advocates who work together to affect positive change within their communities in the areas of sexual health and sexually transmitted diseases (STD) and HIV/AIDS prevention.

  • We believe in an inclusive community and are accepting of all individuals regardless of differences.
  • As an alliance, we value comprehensive sex education, which promotes both abstinence and age-appropriate, medically accurate information about contraception, prophylactics, and sexual health.